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Free video lesson ”How to make chocolate truffles?”

Get a free video lesson how to make chocolate truffles right now!

Pastry chef Tetyana Verbytska offers you a new video lesson "Chocolate Truffles"

Two types of decoration...

Dip a chocolate ball into cocoa powder to imitate velvet look or roll it on a wire rack to make it look like a chestnut/ hedgehog.

Amazing taste...

Consider what flavour the candies must have before choosing alcohol. Grand Marnier liqueur, Martell VS cognac, Jack Daniel's Honey whiskey will be great to use.

High quality ingredients...

Follow a simple rule - use the best ingredients you can afford.

Successful cooking…

Clear sequence of steps and other essential factors for successful cooking of chocolate truffles.

Are you looking for reasons why your truffles are not perfect?

- Low fat cream?

- Low quality chocolate?

- Underheated/ overheated mass?

No more excuses!

Pastry chef of KICA Tetyana Verbytska is going to bust all the myths and answer all the questions about chocolate truffles during this 20-minute video lesson. Your candies will be delicious and perfect!

How it works

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