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Architecture in desserts

Duration: 1 day - 6 h 04 m

                2 day - 6 h 18 m

                3 day - 4 h 20 m

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Dinara Kasko is a unique example for beginner confectioners and professionals who seek to invent an exclusive form of dessert. The best solution at the beginning it’s to learn basic architectural skills: learn to draw ideas on paper or simulate them in computer programs, to see and correct possible errors.  


  • Cake-composition "Cube-Ball triangle": mousse with caramelized chocolate, blueberries confit, chocolate sponge cake, berries glaze
  • Cake "Dulce": hazelnut daquioze, gianduja and hazelnut mousse, liquid passion fruit confit
  • Конфеты корпусные: два вида начинок


  • Cake "Strawberry guava" (form bubbles): guava-strawberry confit, mango-passion
  • Cake "Choco": milk chocolate mousse, black chocolate mousse, chocolate biscuit, chocolate cremeux, crispy layer with cocoa beans
  • Cake "Ball":: yogurt, vanilla, strawberries, mascarpone, meringue

  • Cake coffee: coffee mousse, creme Brulee, chocolate cake, caramel, coffee velvet, frosting
  • Cake "Berry tea": mousse, confit, biscuit, crispy layer with raspberries, shortcrust pastry, Marzipan decoration 
  • Cake "lime-Basil": mousse, lime Marshmallow, confit basil-lime, crunchy biscuit layer 

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