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Hans Ovando

Practical course of the Champion of Spain

Duration: 1 day - 5 h 05 m 

                2 day - 5 h 22 m 

                3 day - 5 h 35 m

Price of online participation : 200 EUR 40 EUR

Kilograms and meters books films we review every day to gain the knowledge and inspiration in pastry Art. Analyzing the recipes with, sometimes unknown to us ingredients, we arrived at a conclusion, the basic knowledge is needed.

We invite you to take part in a practical course of champion of Spain Hans Ovando on working with chocolate.

During three days you are going to…

    • Chocolate and bonbons: History of Chocolate. Composition of chocolate. Types of chocolates. Emulsion. Tempering
    • Chocolate tablet: Raspberry yogurt. Passion and exotic fruit. Pistachio strawberry. Lactee crunchy
    • Dragee: Crunchy, vanilla macadam. Capuccina almond , coffee and 2 chocolate. Piña colada (pinne apple coconut).


  • Bonbons molds ganache: Apricot Vanilla caramel. 70% pure cacao. mojito - basilic. Bailys café
  • Deeped bonbons: Strawberry balsamic vinegar
  • Truffles: Armagnac truffles
  • Chocolate & praline bars / giandujas / lollypop: Pistachio / strawberry. Pine seed ginger/lemon/lime “best praline world chocolate master paris 2013”

  • Pastry and cake with chocolate: Cake (entremets) Dark Chocolate Banana lime “best cake WCM 2013”. Cake Lactee yuzu / caramel. Chocolate Raspberry/tartalette
  • Rocks: White chocolate almond pistachio/lemon ginger. Milk chocolate almond raspberry crispy. Dark chocolate almond azahar, orange

How it works

You register and pay for participation, then you get an access to your personal account on our web site where you can watch the online broadcast and ask questions during the master class in a chat room.
On the next day after master class we provide its video record. Check your personal account on en.kicapastry.com. Be free to watch the video at any comfortable time - 365 days a year. Nevertheless you will find a list of video records to buy, watch and get new knowledge.  

In order to take part in a master class, fill out the form:

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