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Quentin Bailly

Cakes and Pastry

Duration: 1 day - 6 h 01 m

                2 day - 5 h 28 m

                3 day - 5 h 31 m

                4 day - 4 h 47 m

                5 day - 3 h 41 m

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  • Concord: intense chocolate mousse, meringue with pieces of cocoa beans, chocolate mirror glaze.
  • The Rising Sun: almond dacquoise with slices zest, confit Yuzu, crème brûlée with orange mousse with lime, salt with zest.
  • Tarte Tatin New: dough, mirliton crème with hazelnuts, vanilla Chantilly with mascarpone, apples confit.
  • Tartlet with Cherry-Honey: dough, mirliton crème with honey, fresh cherries marmalade, meringue with honey.
  • Tart peach Melba: vanilla male, fresh peach marmalade, berry confit, crème Chiboust vanilla, pallets of chopped almonds.
  • Tartlet Citrus: dough, mirliton crème with grapefruit, crème brûlée with orange and lime mousse, citrus salt.
  • Tart longueur Lemon: sablé with lemon, lemon cream, lemon meringue.
  • Dessert Rice with coconut milk and strawberries: rice with coconut milk, confit strawberry and coconut mousse.
  • Gianduja raspberry: raspberry jam, gianduja mousse, hazelnut caramelised, streusel with hazelnuts, hazelnut biscuit.
  • Curon cappuccino: streusel with cocoa, vanilla cream, crème Chantilly coffee.
  • Exotic pistachio: pistachio decoys, muslin exotic marmalade exotic fruits, pistachios soborovanie.
  • Longueur peanuts-chocolate: mousse chocolate, cream with peanuts, dacquoise with peanuts, chopped peanut, black glaze, the paste of caramelized peanuts.
  • Banana muffins with pecans: batter for the banana cake, impregnation with lime, sugar-glaze with a Dulce chocolate and pecans.
  • Bouche chocolate-raspberry: chocolate cake, layer of raspberry, milk chocolate cream, streusel with cocoa, chocolate mirror glaze.
  • Bouchette chestnut: bavarois with chestnut cream with Earl Grey tea, dacquoise with chestnut, chestnut sugar-glaze.
  • “The Balloon Dog”: сhocolate mini-sculpture.

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