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Amaury Guichon


Duration: 1 day -  8h 00m

                 2 day - 8h 00m

                 3 day - 8h 00m

                 4 day - 8h 00m

                 5 day - 8h 00m

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  • Writer: chocolate sable, old school praline paste, coffee cremeux, hazelnut-coffee financier, coffee mousse, shiny chocolate glaze, chocolate dip
  • The Chocolate Tart: chocolate sable, cremeux chocolate, chocolate ganache piping, chocolate pastry cream, cacao nibs tuile
  • Blueberry Cupcake: vanilla mousse, blueberry compote, blueberry cremeux, blueberry gelee, vanilla sponge, purple glaze
  • The Tea Tart hazelnuts streusel, hazelnuts sponge, tea cremeux, whipped tea ganache
  • Apple Pie: sweet dough, vanilla bean financier, mascarpone whip,caramelized apple, gold mirror glaze

  • The Chocolate Cylinder: chocolate sable, 66% chocolate crunch, caramel cremeux, chocolate frangipane, chocolate mousse, shiny chocolate glaze
  • The Caramel Clock: double chocolate chip cookie, hazelnut financier, caramel cremeux, caramel mousse, vanilla bean caramel, caramel glaze
  • The Saturn Citron: sweet dough, lemon cremeux, lemon gelification, almond nougatine, lemon lime meringue
  • Pavlova: meringue, lime joconde, berry compote, chambered punch, raspberry cremeux, mascarpone whip, pistoles for chablon
  • Fiona: sweet dough, almond sponge, almond paste mousse, recomposed vanilla streusel, old school praline paste, vanilla cremeux, white glaze, marshmallow
  • Mont Blanc: chestnut pipping, swiss meringue, mascarpone whip, black currant compote, chestnut almond cream, sweet dough, pistolet for chablon
  • Lemon Tart: sweet dough, lemon cremeux, lemon gelification, lemon-lime meringue, lemon almond cream
  • Raspberry intense: double chocolate chip cookie, raspberry hazelnut crunch, raspberry cremeux, flourless chocolate sponge, fresh raspberry – lemon compote, dark chocolate raspberry cremeux, duo chocolate mousse, red glaze

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On the next day after master class we provide its video record. Check your personal account on en.kicapastry.com. Be free to watch the video at any comfortable time - 365 days a year. Nevertheless you will find a list of video records to buy, watch and get new knowledge.  

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