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Cedric Grolet

Coffee Tart

Duration: 1 day - 2 h 01 m 

Price of online participation : 39 EUR 15 EUR 

Cedric Grolet has finally confirmed the broadcasting of one of his recipes after more than a year of negotiations

We like doing the impossible for you. Cedric Grolet is a pastry chef in Alain Ducasse restaurant, which has got 3 Michelin stars and is situated in Le Merice - one of the most splendid hotels in the world. He is one of those, who can astonish everyone with his extraordinary creative desserts.

At a first glance Cedric's style seems to be simple, but unequaled at the same time. Such legendary desserts as Nut, Lemon, Rubick's cube must be familiar to you. Have a look at the Chef's Instagram account to see more. Cedric's Grolet cofee tart deposited on the gramophone is on the air on March, 30.

Let's spend this day together to feel French charisma that charmed the whole world. Feel his endless generosity, modesty and professionalism. Answer the question "What is the difference? How to do it in another way?"

You can watch the master class an unlimited amount of times as usually. The recipe is attached.

We really want to give you the most incredible opportunity for your developent. One of them is today. Join us at a miserable price to see the best of what exists.

See you on March, 30!

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Coffee tart consists of:

  • Shortcrust pastry with vanilla
  • Coffee biscuit with almond and cassonade sugar
  • Coffee paste
  • Coffee praline
  • Whipped coffee chantilly ganache 

How it works

You register and pay for participation, then you get an access to your personal account on our web site where you can watch the online broadcast and ask questions during the master class in a chat room.
On the next day after master class we provide its video record. Check your personal account on en.kicapastry.com. Be free to watch the video at any comfortable time - 365 days a year. Nevertheless you will find a list of video records to buy, watch and get new knowledge.  

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