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Martin Diez

Collection of flavors 2.0

Duration: 1 day - 6 h 41 m

                2 day - 6 h 43 m

                3 day - 4 h 18 m

Get access: 200 EUR  75 EUR


  • Cornets-Hazelnut_Caramel: hazelnut Piemont praline, hazelnut Crumble, salted caramel sauce.
  • Cornets-Pecan: pecan praline, crunchy pecan.
  • Cornets-Vanilla&Lemon: vanilla and lemon filling, yuzu jelly.
  • Countlines-Black Sesame&Almond: sugar dough, black Sesame Haiti ganache, marcona Almond – enrobed bonbon.


  • Countlines-Matcha&Cranberry: matcha Sugar dough, matcha ganache, cranberries Ganache – Moulded bonbon.
  • Snacking Bars-Matcha filling: matcha filling - Moulded bonbon.
  • Snacking Bars-Passion&Lime foam: chocolate shell, vanilla sugar dough, passion fruit cream, lime meringue.
  • Snacking Bars-Violet&Blackcurrants: blackcurrants compotee, blackcurrants/Violet Ganache – Moulded bonbon.
  • Tablets-Dry fruit: poppy/Strawberry, violet/Raspberry, passion fruits.

  • Tablets-Origami: lapsong Suchong ganache.
  • Vulcano-Mango&Jasmine: mango compotee, jasmine Ganache – Moulded bonbon. 
  • Vulcano-Pink Grapefruit_Timut: pink Grapefruit/Timut pepper compotée, citrus ganache. 
  • Vulcano-Sakura_Dark Cherry: sakura flower compotee, black Cherry ganache, black Cherry Jelly. 

How it works

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On the next day after master class we provide its video record. Check your personal account on en.kicapastry.com. Be free to watch the video at any comfortable time - 365 days a year. Nevertheless you will find a list of video records to buy, watch and get new knowledge.  

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