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Guillaume Mobilleau

Guillaume's Mabilleau online course for the first time!

Duration: 1 day -  6h 19m

                 2 day - 3h 6m

Get access: 155 EUR  30 EUR

In any place of the world the professional knowledge will fly towards you with the speed of light.

Despite sincere modesty Guillaume Mabilleau, gladly shares his experience, new developments and such amazing inventions. His desserts evoke special feelings. Get knowledge in the comfortable and pleasant way! Looking forward to seeing you in the Academy and online!


  • Luna : Dough Lintzer, Cream Almond Hazelnut, Cremeux Milk Hazelnut, Cream Whipped Vanilla Lemon, Meringue Soufflee Hazelnut
  • Majorque : Croustillant Hazelnut, Sponge cake Chocolate Amond, Cremeux Milk, Gelifie Exotic, Mousseux Chocolate, Glacage Mirror Milk Orange


  • Satin : Meringue Seche, Gelifie Exotique, Mousseux Vanilla Coconut, Glacage Mirroir Dioxyde Titane Vanilla, Exotic fruits
  • Truffe : Streusel Hazelnut, Pate A Choux, Craquelin, Cream Milk Jam, Cream Whipped Dark Chocolate Tonka, Velours Dark

  • Paris La Rochelle : Streusel Hazelnut, Croustillant Hazelnut / Moelleux Pure Hazelnut, Pate A Choux / Craquelin, Cream Whipped Praline / Praline Hazelnut 50%, Caramel Tender, Glacage Milk Almond / Hazelnut Sablees

How it works

You register and pay for participation, then you get an access to your personal account on our web site where you can watch the online broadcast and ask questions during the master class in a chat room.
On the next day after master class we provide its video record. Check your personal account on en.kicapastry.com. Be free to watch the video at any comfortable time - 365 days a year. Nevertheless you will find a list of video records to buy, watch and get new knowledge.  

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