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Julien Alvarez

Gateaux and entremets

Duration: 1 day -  7h 03m

                 2 day - 7h 14m

                 3 day - 5h 53m

                 4 day - 7h 48m

                 5 day - 7h 20m

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Julien Alvarez is an aesthete. He choose a tool for each gesture, every detail has its own carefully cooked and thoughtful place. Each form accents the open-work’s taste of desserts.


 Petits gâteaux

  • Choux: croustillant grué-hazelnut, pâte à choux, light cream praliné, praliné, light cream vanilla, sauce gianduja
  • Médovik 2017: croustillant without gluten, biscuit madeleine, crémeux condensed milk, light cream smetana
  • Laura/Bayamour:fond croustillant hazelnut, biscuit pain de Gênes, confit red fruits, whipped ganache vanilla-tonka-lime
  • Tartelette Cappuccino/citrus fruits: fond croustillant spéculoos, crémeux allégé Orélys, confit citrus fruits, namélaka-café, milk mousse
  • Pépite: chocolate biscuit with hazelnut butter, chocolate sablé with fleur de sel, raspberry compotée
  • Lemon Tartelette: sablé reconstitué, lemon cream, light lemon cream, lemon confit, nuage lime ginger
  • Cheese cake cara-acidulé: shortbread, cheese cake baked, yuzu caramel, cream cheese mousse, italian meringue
  • Tartelette choc intense: chocolate fond reconstitué, chocolate biscuit hazelnut butter, exotic, namelaka Macaé, grué caramélisé with salt fleur de sel
  • Mangue: coconut biscuit fondant, exotic coeur, mango mousse
  • Tokyo/Bergy: biscuit roll cake, yuzu confit, light cream walnut
  • Gâteau de crêpes soufflées: crêpes soufflées, caramelized apple compote, spéculoos
  • Malina: hazelnut streusel, raspberry confit, chocolate chantilly estragon, meringue


  • Café - Macadamia: fond croustillant macadamia nut, light biscuit macadamia, crémeux coffee Jivara, light coffee mousse
  • Black gold: coffee pain de Gênes, hazelnut praliné feuilleté, parfait vanille-pécan, mousse chocolate - sarrasin
  • Damier Black Forest: chocolate sablé breton, biscuit chocolate moelleux, cherry confit, ganache chocolate fondante, light cream vanilla-kirsch
  • Ptit basque: gâteaux de voyage, pâte for chocolate basque, chocolate cream, chocolate sablé with fleur de sel

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